17.08.15 – 17.04.16

  • Photography   Rosie Marks
  • Text   Henry Gorse

Photography: Rosie Marks
Words: Henry Gorse

After following Rosie on Instagram, I really appreciated the stolen moments she records of the public: a strong sense of English humour shines through. Reminiscent of early Martin Parr and Tom Wood combined with the raw feeling of Henry Bond’s street fashion work.
Rosie has a consistent feed documenting the everyday as she travels. She catches characters off guard, allowing a true representation of that moment.
I asked her to shoot for PYLOT online; she gave me this series which she says were “taken over eight months as a tourist in Japan, America, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Madrid.”
Introducing Rosie Marks:

Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-001 Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-002 Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-003 Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-004 Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-005
Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-006 Rosie-Marks-PYLOT-Magazine-007Photography © Rosie Marks. Click here to check out her Instagram.